The Enzotech WMST-81 / NP Forged Copper Mosfet Waterblock was designed to offer exceptional heat dissipation for integrated MOSFET motherboards cards. WMST-81/NP Waterblock is made using a forged copper process which produces a dense material that is extremely efficient at heat extraction. The MST-81/NP Waterblock is far superior to traditional heat sinks currently found on the market and it provides the best thermal conductivity available to dissipate heat from the MOSFET in your system.

Dimensions (mm)
87(L) x 16(W) x14.1(H)
C1100 Forged Copper
Thermal Adhesive
Fujipoly GR-d Thermal Tape
Metallic Grey Nickel Plate

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xfx geforce 8200m
xfx 750a SLi

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