Enzotech’s CNB series is the world’s first complete one-piece forged copper Northbridge heatsink with no interface or gaps.  It gives you the best thermal performance possible without using a fan.  The chipset is cooled to Optimum operating temperature with no fan noise or vibration.  Artic Silver Ceramique thermal compound is included to maximize the thermal interface area for superb heat transfer.  CNB-R1 can also be used for some Southbridge or VGA applications.

  • Fanless, means absolutely Silent Operation and No Vibration
  • User friendly, smart mounting hardware for quick and secure installation in seconds
  • Pure Forged Copper features a highly efficient dense material as opposed to traditional heatsinks used in the marketplace.  The best thermal conductivity available maximizes heat dissipation.
  • Artic Silver® Céramique™ Thermal compound insures the best results possible

44.7(L) x 44.7(W) x 30(H) mm
Forged C110 Pure Copper
Base Flatness

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